District 23

    Republican Primary August 2nd, 2016

  • it’s time for real change

    Red Light Camera Stance

  • 100% Pro-Life

  • Will Work To Lower Taxes

  • Defend 2nd Amendment

  • Pro-Business

  • Self-Funded - No Strings

  • Judge, Attorney

  • Husband & Father

  • Businessman

  • Limit Size Of Government

Raw Footage; Audio Turned Up; Carter Says "Good Job;" Eigel Rebuffs and Looks Down Nose.

Are Handshakes Only for $100,000 Contributors or Was He Worried About His Performance? You Decide.

Michael E. Carter

Missouri Senate District 23
Republican Primary August 2nd, 2016

Michael E. Carter worked his way through college waiting tables and driving for UPS. A young entrepreneur, Carter also sold real estate while getting his undergraduate degree at the University Of Missouri at St. Louis. He then earned his law degree at Mizzou while also pursuing a masters in journalism. During graduate school he worked as an assistant professor and continued waiting tables and working for UPS.

After passing the bar exam, Michael soon began the Carter Law Office, LLC. The firm focused on real estate law and helping small business, but soon expanded into a very successful criminal defense practice. Michael E. Carter is also the current presiding judge of Wentzville, Senior Lecturer at the University of Missouri and past Director at the St. Louis Board of Realtors. Michael E. Carter is married and he and his wife, children, and dog live in the western portion of St. Charles County
Qualifications of Note
  • Current Judge City of Wentzville
  • Past Director St. Louis Board of REALTORS
  • Former Senior Lecturer University of Missouri St. Louis
  • Master of Journalism MIZZOU
  • Juris Doctorate MIZZOU
  • Published Author
Qualifications of Note
  • Clerked for Missouri Western District Court of Appeals
  • Senior Fellow Clerk/PR Missouri Attorney General's Office
  • Public Relations and Legal Research United States Senate
  • Founder and CEO etc of Carter Law Offices, LLC
  • Husband and Father

Are Handshakes Only for $100,000 Contributors or Was He Worried About His Performance? You Decide.

Here's what happened off-screen after the St. Charles Senate debate. I went to shake my opponent's hand and he refused. Guess you have to be one of Bill Eigel's $100,000 contributors to get a handshake.

My handshakes are always free, now and as your next State Senator. (MikeCarter.com) #SelfFunded (judge carter is self funded and doesnt accept campaign welfare like his opponents -- carter isn't for sale)

Judge Carter Explains How He's Different; Opponent So Upset He Refuses to Shake Hands After Deb

Judge Mike Carter 4 Senate -- This Part of the Debate Upset My Opponent So Much That He Refused to Shake Hands.

I Simply Explained How I Do Not Accept Campaign Welfare to the Tune of Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars from Big $$ Union Bosses and Out-State Millionaires. #SelfFunded

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"Everyone in St. Charles County knows that banning red-light cameras has been one of my deepest passions; however, many may not know that I've spent tens of thousands of my own dollars to see it through - luckily roughly 73% of St. Charles County voters agreed with me."

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